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Runner Sillhouettes

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Joël Bloch – Chains

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5 Erotic Couples

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Amy Kay

Words, Poems & Stories of Reflection

Frightened Consequence

Wearing the old tattered rags I walked away from you with The days have taken their toll While I continue adrift I was unable to cope With your struggle for power Always suffocating me My yearning for love soured Everything finally blew up We had one last final fight Resulting in departure I left on [...]

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A Short Story by Amy Kay

The long black hair had a long life. It rode atop the scalp of a one Cary Liu. Slowly he saw his friends leaving the scalp and wondered when would be the day that he would also let go of his roots and leave. Where would he go? He saw the horrors of many of [...]

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I spent what felt like a lifetime Hearing him tell me I am wrong Any ideas or expressions Shot down before too long Harsh words and a demeaning tone Forever set me in my place On no account allowed to grow Submission hid my grace How will I escape from his grasp? Seemed an unattainable [...]

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Hollis Family Memorial Blog

Family History Online

Home Movie – Pussy Footin’ Around

Created this short video from old Hollis family home movie footage. I added some sound effect to increases entertainment value. Hope you like it. If you are in this video, you know who you are. Let us know what you … Continue reading

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Bullhead, Tree, and The Flying Fishing Pole

This June I picked up my Daughter for our summer visitation. She had a pile of baggage and other things she could not live without for a summer, including a new fishing pole that she won. Our ride was filled … Continue reading

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