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Rocker in Flight

  Rocker in Flight vector graphic – Free Download. Link to this post!

Pole Dancer

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Vintage Dancing Couple

Download Vintage Dancing Couple Files Here! Link to this post!

Venison Voyage

An adventure from the days when men were rough and tough. Hunters are sent on a mission to acquire substance for the tribe. They stalk the deer quietly in stealth mode, matching the moves of their prey like pieces on a chess board. The prey has not notice the hunters on their trail and are continue grazing without a care. Hunter one launches his spear with the force of a rocket, slaying the deer closet to him. Continue reading

Three Men in a Cave

I hope now I will be able to sleep, dreaming of cave life is hard on the back. I believe this is a depiction of an age old man’s struggle with the competition of superiority, a prehistoric pissing contest if you will. Continue reading