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Jesus on the Cross

This graphic was created from a photograph taken of a statue in a cemetery. The statue was a depiction of Christ’s crucifixion on the cross with the crown of thorns. Continue reading

Elemental Crosses

4 piece elemental cross series. Each Pieces representing 1 of the four elements: earth, air, fire, water. Viewing these works as you would a child locating images in the clouds you may see subtle images of figures in the crucifixion.
Done with a technique I call Reflecting, similar to creating an ink blot with slightly more planning of the outcome. Continue reading


SPRAY ENAMEL ON STEEL PANEL Gallery Value $$$: 100 Creation Date: 2005 Availability: SOLD Link to this post!

Blue Messiah

A saddened Christ on the eve when his father showed him why he must sacrifice himself for all of humanity. His sadness comes from knowing we still don’t understand his message. Gallery Value $$$: 850.00 Creation Date: 2005 Availability: No, … Continue reading