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Vector Clipart Files

Solo Cup

Vector graphic image of solo cup as in “Red solo cup, I fill up” In Assorted Colors. Download files here. Link to this post!

Beer Drinking Bear

Whats more fun then a bear drinking bear. This is a great graphic for north-land bars and brew fests. Download Beer Drinking Bear Files Here! Link to this post!

Blue Dart Frogs

Blue poison dart frogs are active during the day and can be found hiding among boulders and debris near streams; however, they lack toe webbing and are poor swimmers, so they are never found in the Continue reading

Duct Taped Note Book Page

You never know when you might need a duct taped notebook page graphic. Believe it or not it actually comes in handy on occasion. If you ever find your self in need of this type of graphic you can find … Continue reading


Lilies are one of my favorite flowers, this file is a great vectorized photo of this beautiful flower. The file has 6 color layers that can be changed to suit your design purposes. The Lily files were created with Inkscape an open source vector graphic software. Continue reading