About the Artist

Wisconsinite, Benjamin Earl Howen III continues to expand his creative sprite with paint, film, music and more. Exploring the depths of self expression and technique, his wheels of creation are continually moving from one project to the next. It is a wonder that any of them are ever completed.

Some of the statements behind his works include; Imagining as a child, Opening minds to unknown possibilities, Human emotional responses, Self expression, and The power of thought. Much of Ben’s influence comes from artist such as: Picasso, Max Weber, Willem De Kooning, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Jackson Pollock just to name a few. Ben may very well have been part of the abstract expressionist movement if his birth had occurred 50 years early. His Creations begin in the subconscious. Ben stands before the canvas eyes closed for a few silent moments waiting for an explosions of inspiration to strike! Raging emotional applications of pigment begin, continually building and destroying emerging figures and dreamscapes, more and more medium is applied with a violent tenderness until reaching climax. Stepping back on occasion for analysis and adding a few small touches. Upon completion, his signature is applied with strokes of exhaustion. “I am more of a creator then an artist.

“My work is brought to life by the energy and emotion I give it; existing only because I created it.”

-Benjamin Earl Howen III

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