Home Movie – Pussy Footin’ Around

Created this short video from old Hollis family home movie footage. I added some sound effect to increases entertainment value.

Hope you like it.

If you are in this video, you know who you are. Let us know what you remember from this day or anything else you would like to share.


Sheila La Duke December 13 at 2:09pm Reply • Report
My goodness what a video. Did you get that off the home movies? We never saw those. That was lori and I playing with our cats Midnight and Pudence. They were always our dolls. Once midnight had her kittens, she left her box so pudence went in and babysat her grand kittens. They were in the kenosha news. We were living in our trailer in kenosha on cty Q. We moved there from madison when i was 3 months old so dad could work at american motors. That car was his 59 red oldsmobile. I remember trips to grandmas in that car. Boy what a flash back

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