Welcome to the Hollis Family Memorial Blog. I started this site for my family to share stories of their past in order to provide a historical record for future generations.

Some years ago the Hollis family lost Everett Hollis, a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and all around great man. Just recently wife Pat Hollis you was also a wonderful and caring person. Both of them were taken by cancer. We will all miss them very much. My name is Benjamin E. Howen III. Everett and Pat were my grandparents. Before Pat’s passing I was visiting with her and she was sharing some stories of the family’s past that I had never heard, I mentioned that to her and she replied. “Oh Ben I could write a damn book!”

I responded with. “Why Don’t you”?

Unfortunately, her cancer got worse and that sort of project was too much for her, she passed on shortly after that.

Then I got the idea for this blog. I hope all the friends and family who have been touched in some way by Everett and Pat will share with us in detail the good and bad times they had while in the company of this amazing couple.

If all goes well and we get a good bunch of anecdotes, I plan to have them published in book to preserve the memories well into future.

Thanks for visiting, I Hope you enjoy reading and sharing with the Hollis Family Memorial Blog.

- Ben Howen

* As for the issue of Copyright, by posting to this site, you grant me (Benjamin E Howen III) the unlimited right to use of any content you post.

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