I joined up now what?

check your e-mail account that you used to register, you should have received a randomly generated password. Use the user-name and password to login to the Hollis Family Blog dashboard. You should then see the dashboard screen like figure 1. Here you will have everything you need to post articles, upload media, and change you profile information. It is pretty self explanatory and very user friendly. After logging-in you may decide to change your password, you can do this under the profile tab. Questions and suggestions can be made by using the contact form, be sure to enter question or suggestion in the subject line of the form. Happy posting, and thank you for joining.

Figure 1 figure 1

How I created a post?

Once you are logged-in to the dashboard, click posts then click add new. You will now see a screen like figure 2. Here you will provide a title, choose a category, and type or copy and paste your article in the editor provided. when finished click publish. You may also include HTML code by choosing the HTML tab on the editor. You may also provide media to your posts , such as: pictures, video, or audio. Insert media by selecting one of the icon found next to the Upload/Insert link located above the post editor below the title box.

Figure 2

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