Nigerian Super Model Identity Thieves

I was once stalked by super models from Nigeria, wanting me to cash their paychecks for them and send them the money. Which I found ridiculous, I understand Super model are not know to reside at the top of intelligence ladder, but i would think they could find their way to the bank or at least know how to swipe an visa card. I did some research and found these strange users from Africa to be a big problem and later a dateline special was aired where the show tracked the criminal down and confronted them. It was amazing to see the length the thief went through to continue his lies and continue using the victims for profit.

Watch out for these Nigerien bandits, they are seeking naive Americans to aid them in their identity theft scams. You see they use stolen credit cards, bank accounts, and identities to purchase products online ship them to your house and have you send them on to another address. They are essentially rerouting stolen goods in an effort to disrupt the trail back to them. The hot merchandise is then resold to unknowing individuals. This a very elaborate plan a that is easy to implement in today’s world of information. The criminal uses the loneliness of its victims to unwittingly become accomplices to the crime.

Don’t be a victim. stay vigilant, trust not the strange IMers. When you learn of a user doing this, report them to your IM service provider right away.  By making it more difficult for them to continue this practice, we may diminish their numbers.

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