Skull and Bones

Vintage old style Skull with cross bones. Slightly more detailed then most which gives it a more realistic look.

Uses for this logo could be decals, posters, shirts, and much more.

Download Skull and Bones Files Here.

Image is in the public domain.

2 thoughts on “Skull and Bones

  1. Hi. I am wondering if I can use this image (with modification)
    for a non-profit publication about poor labor rights conditions
    in some big brand names.

    1. The rights for this image are unknown. We do not claim rights to this image, We have only provided it in vector format for use in graphic design projects. We can not give grant the rights for any use. However if you are only using it as a reference for you project, I don’t foresee you having any problems. With that said here is a bit of advice. Be sure not to use it in any advertising or use it on any item that maybe considered commercial. Make no claims to owning the rights yourself or use it in any creation of a trademark or logo representing your group. Altering the design can also provide some protection from copyright infringement. Hope this helps.…

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