Vector Files offers free high quality vectorized graphic files for use in graphic design, web design, illustration, tattoo flash, and more.

All files and images © Vectorfiles unless otherwise stated.

This graphics provided here are free for non-commercial use. In other words if you use it to make money you got to pay somebody. Contact us for information on how to obtain license to use graphics. Rights to use images that are not copyrighted by Vector files must be obtain from copyright owner.

  • Non-commercial use defined:

Use in any personal or non profit project websites, fliers, brochures, or other media. Use of graphic as one element in a large design that is imprinted on items for sale such as mugs, hats, shirts, etc.

  • Commercial use defined:

Reselling the graphic as clip-art or stock graphic. Selling printed items where the graphic is more then 75% of the imprinted design.

If you are unsure please use the form below and describe in detail how you plan to use the graphic in question.

Request License to use.

Please include graphic name and post URL of the graphic.

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